Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

In addition to PCB board design, we are able to offer you the production and, depending on the design, assembly of multilayer boards at favorable prices. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, they can have from 2 to 20 layers, and for larger orders, their price can be even less than $ 2 for 1 dm². If you are interested in this offer, please contact us for further details.


One of LSElektronik’s main offers are TFT screens with very sharp colors and short access time. Frequently used and tested in subsequent projects of our company, they guarantee a perfect balance of quality in relation to their price. Both tactile and classic versions are available and their sizes start from 1.7 inches.

In case you are not interested only in the displays, we can also suggest designing electronics and creating software that will allow you to take full advantage of the equipment we offer to meet your needs. For details, please ask by phone or email.

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