Sensor for pressure measurement

  •  24V power supply / CAN communication
  • analog output 0-10V
  • the possibility of full service through the CAN interface (read results, calibration, software upgrade)

Traction table driver

Traction table driver for spine rehabilitation.

  • 24V supply / RS485 communication
  • the ability to control 4 actuators at any speed
  • safety button
  • communication via RS485 with 4 plates measuring the strain gauge (strain gauge) and tilt (accelerometer)


The controller cooperates with biomass and coal boilers.
It supports piston, screw and worm feeders.
It is equipped with a TFT color screen.

It has a USB 2.0 interface. The TCP / IP stack and USB stack are implemented in the microcontroller. Optionally it is equipped with WiFi.


SKORPION is a controller with a smooth boiler power regulation for boilers (without a feeder) for solid fuels. The controller normally operates a blower, a central heating circulation pump and a hot water circulation pump. In addition, the regulator can work with any type of room thermostat equipped with a potential-free relay output.


The COBRA regulator is designed to operate the C.O boiler. equipped with a retort (screw) feeder, piston. The regulator controls the operation of the blower in its full range from 1 - 100%, switching on the circulation pump C.O., the pump C.W.U., the fuel feeder. In addition, the regulator can cooperate with three-way valve control modules and any type of room thermostat equipped with a potential-free relay output. Thanks to the extended work algorithm, the COBRA controller can separately control the time zones, in which it is equipped, for the boiler and hot water temperature.

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